media server system.

Entering the world of professional media playout solutions has never been easier.

PIXERA is a multi award winning 64-bit system for real-time media processing, compositing and management, based on the core theme of usability.

Users can gradually discover the options and features and can smoothly transition from being a beginner to becoming a true specialist. Entering the world of professional media server solutions and projection mapping has never been easier.

The powerful render engine can handle video files up to and beyond uncompressed 8K and is ideally suited for playing back HDR or 12-bitcontent.


PIXERA User Interface

Usability takes center stage.

The system's GUI (graphical user interface) was designed so that users can execute the most important basic actions in record time and with only a minimum of effort. Users can intuitively understand the underlying software mechanisms. Actions in 2D and 3D space follow the same basic principles.

The PIXERA GUI is divided into three main tabs that cover all major aspects of a professional media server workflow: Screens, Mapping, Compositing.

Every single tab allows for a different point of view and point of access to the overall creative setup.


offers you an overview of your venue space where you can arrange your screens, LED walls, objects etc.  


is where warping, softedge adjustment and output routing happens. 


allows you to be creative and use content for creating and programming your shows.

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What makes PIXERA the best media server system? The most important features of PIXERA

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Live Preview Editing, Blend to Time, Video Mapping and Routing, Video Export and Content Transcoding are some of the highlights of PIXERA.

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A holistic interface design approach that allows users to focus on their actual work.

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With PIXERA, you can simulate and present your project vision and inspire your customers.

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High performance 64-bit real-time 3D render engine for stunning results, ultra-fast playback and uncompressed quality.

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The PIXERA GUI is divided into three main tabs that cover all major aspects of a professional media server workflow.

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With shader-based real-time effects, creative content editing and content customization is possible.

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Live inputs are implemented to allow the connection of various types of video interfaces.

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Audio playback is implemented in a separate and powerful audio rendering engine.

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