Software Highlights

Software Highlights

PIXERA control

PIXERA control is a distributed integration and control framework that empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within PIXERA and to control all aspects of an extended project environment. Anything you create and integrate can be distributed across your connected systems and shares itself. 

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XR | AR | VR Integration

PIXERA version 1.8 opens the doors wide for realising virtual production setups that feature XR (extended reality), AR (augmented reality) and/or MR (mixed reality) components.

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Dynamic Softedge

A softedge blend can be calculated automatically per frame, using the projector and screen information. This leads to a very quick setup time for static surfaces, as well as giving users the ability to use blends on moving surfaces.


This powerful feature lets you edit timelines in the preview window while the output shows content from a different section of the timeline. This allows changes to running shows to be previewed by the operator and then blended into the output on the fly.

Video Export

With the video export feature, you can render and export either the complete 3D venue to impress your customer with a vision of the programmed show, or you could render the content of specific screens to reduce the number of necessary layers as part of a complex composition.


In addition to offering a great 2D workflow, PIXERA users can also enjoy a state of the art environment for realising advanced 3D projection mapping setups. FBX import, marker calibration and the use of u/v perspective effects are just some of the features that will help users realise breathtaking projection mapping projects.


PIXERA includes projector and LED databases, so that you can easily simulate the real-life environments and technology components you will be working in. Just choose the appropriate projector or LED display model and drag&drop them into your project. Detailed information like „field of view“ etc. will make your life even easier when preparing softedge panoramas or multi-display installations.


PIXERA has integrated the award winning VIOSO automatic calibration technology, which works by positioning cameras so that they can “see” the entire projection surface. The system now analyses different projected calibration patterns. Once the calibration is finished, the resulting total output is mapped onto the projection surface. The calibration is stored and can be recalled anytime.


The render engine inside PIXERA is based on a 64-bit system architecture and is so powerful that it allows users to play out up to 4x uncompressed 4K (4:4:4) content streams @60 fps when using AV Stumpfl 8K RAW media servers. The engine includes several base level algorithms, replacing standard operating system and driver functions. Power and reliability make PIXERA a great choice when playing out and synchronising content for multi projector and multi display setups.