Randstad creates immersive experience center with PIXERA

Bourgonje realises Randstad’s new immersive experience center in Diemen with PIXERA media server technology.

Wallern (Austria), 17th July 2023 – 

The internationally acclaimed Dutch HR services provider, Randstad, recently opened their new immersive experience centre at their HQ in Diemen, close to Amsterdam.
Both the size and state-of-the-art technology employed for the realisation of the ambitious project make this venue a unique installation destined to set a new standard across the corporate world.
The experience centre was designed to support the organic creation of meaningful connections between new talent, clients and Randstad employees, both virtually or in person.
Up to 180 visitors can comfortably fit into the experience centre on site at the Randstad HQ, with the possibility of adding a virtually unlimited number of online viewers.
The Dutch AV service provider Bourgonje acted as the main technical system integrator for the groundbreaking corporate installation, employing a total of seven PIXERA four and one PIXERA mini media server systems in the process.
A variety of content sources can be accessed, combined, played out and fully controlled with the PIXERA based setup, that was programmed by Sander De Schrijver, Dave Vos and Sebastiaan Genz.
Unreal engine content, linear content or Purple’s Hyro storytelling content (via NDI) can all be used in the experience centre to allow the presentations to reach a new level of immersive depth.
Live content and online meeting platforms such as Webex and Google Meet are fully integrated so that hybrid events can be streamed live from the experience centre in Diemen to all over the world.
The ability to seamlessly display informative high resolution graphics and video content across a large surface area can also help presenters to visualise complex topics and stimulate engaging discussions.
Using the experience centre as a full XR studio, Randstad can render real-time virtual worlds to create innovative and impactful online experiences, whether as a live broadcast or recording, which enables Randstad employees to fully explore their creativity in inspirational new ways.
The main display setup consists of a large 6400 pixel wide ROE Ruby indoor LED screen with a 2.3mm pixel pitch and an additional 4mm pitch LED floor display, combined with Panasonic PTZ cameras and eight Epson projectors with 20.000 lumens each, that allow for a plethora of virtual scenes to be displayed and recorded.
PIXERA proved to be the crucial technology solution for integrating the great variety of high end systems on site. Virtual set extensions were combined with PIXERA’s “sidecar” capability, referring to its handling Unreal content input via a texture sharing approach.
Real-time tracking was also integrated into the PIXERA based workflow by using FreeD and Stage Precision solutions to fully automate the XR studio.
Projections onto the three projection screens on site were calibrated with VIOSO technology, that has been natively integrated into the PIXERA system.
A 13.2 audio system was implemented to allow for a full audio and video experience, when the room is being used as part of an immersive experience with an audience present.
Full control of cameras, switching, audio and all lighting fixtures on site was also made possible, even allowing colour presets to be automatically loaded with PIXERA control and multiple touchscreens with branded UIs (user interfaces).
All in all, PIXERA controls a total of over 100 devices of the final setup. The event solution has been fully automated in such a way everyone is able to control all features in XR settings or even in normal presentation broadcasts without having many technicians operating the system on site. The setup has been designed that just one or two persons can have the full control of the audio, video and lightning systems after a short briefing.
Bourgonje’s project designer Sebastiaan Genz praises Randstad’s creative vision: “It’s an absolute privilege to work for clients that have clear goals and really mean it when they say, that they want to set new standards in the world of corporate presentations. One of the main tools we used to realise Randstad’s vision was AV Stumpfl’s PIXERA system, that proved a great choice, both in terms of hardware performance and real-time show control capabilities.”

Photo Credits: Bourgonje b.v.

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