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we are very happy to be able to inform you of a number of important recent developments.

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1. PIXERA Version 1.0 release
As of today, 15th of April, the PIXERA software verion 1.0 will be officially released.

2. PIXERA Version 1.0 demo version release
Together with the PIXERA version 1.0, we will also make it possible for interested parties to get their hands on a real demo version of the software. Download demo version here



Following this link will take you to our PIXERA quickstart guide, to get you started with exploring the ever growing world of PIXERA.



HERE you will find our newly create PIXERA youtube channel (please bookmark and subscribe to this channel). We will of course add more tutorials in the near future.



HERE you will find our newly updated technical user forum, where you can ask questions related to our PIXERA software and hardware systems.

Please join our user forum!



The following link takes you to our official PIXERA facebook user group. Just send us a request that you'd like to join via facebook, and we'll add you (ASAP).
Of course this is also a good place for asking technical questions, but the best place in our humble opinion would still be the official user forum, so that also those professionals not using facebook can look up important questions and their answers.