LTT new AV Stumpfl distributor for projection screens and media servers in Poland

AV Stumpfl, the Austrian AV technology manufacturer, recently announced  LTT as their new distributor for both projection screens and PIXERA media server systems in Poland.

LTT is a Warsaw based company, distributing and servicing high-end lighting and stage equipment, in addition to offering stage technology design and implementation services. The company also regularly hosts popular training sessions and workshops aimed at industry professionals.

AV Stumpfl global business development manager Harry Gladow welcomes the new partnership:
"LTT have a great reputation when it comes to distributing world-class technology and are known for their ability to offer customer support as well as equipment servicing and maintenance services at the highest level. What makes this partnership really exciting for us as a manufacturer, is the fact that while LTT initially focused on theatrical lighting, they gradually expanded to include other markets that include TV studios, clubs and live events."

LTT was founded in 1992 to meet the significant demand for professional stage lighting in Poland. The theaters at that time were looking to upgrade their equipment,  but few suppliers could offer high-end, state-of-the-art lighting solutions. LTT quickly and successfully filled this gap to become a leading player in Poland's AV distribution market.

LTT sales director Pawel Mroziński comments: “Since we and our customers have been using AV Stumpfl screens for a very long time, we have a very positive opinion about the general product quality and are very excited to be the official distributor for Poland. We were also very impressed with the new GUI concept and usability approach of the PIXERA media-server systems, which is why we strongly believe that our cooperation will be very fruitful for both sides.”




Photo (from left to right): 

Mariusz Glodnicki – Multimedia Specialist
Jerzy Holozubiec – CEO of LTT
Harry Gladow - Global Business Development Manager AV Stumpfl
Pawel Mrozinski – Sales Director
Krystian Drywa - Multimedia Specialist
Helmut Protte - Global Business Development Manager AV Stumpfl