Uncompressed 8K

AV Stumpfl and PIXERA: The 8K specialists

Only a few years ago, the idea that professional 8K workflows could become an actual reality by 2020 seemed far fetched.

In terms of signal processing however, the future is already here. This new reality has a name, RAW 8K.

AV Stumpfl RAW servers were officially introduced at the beginning of 2016 and have since been used for a great number of cutting edge AV projects involving large scale projection and next generation LED setups.



Most leading broadcast networks only managed to transform their workflows to accommodate Full HD resolution in the last couple of years.

It is doubtful whether the next equipment infrastructure upgrade will be 4K based, or whether major networks will wait a little longer to switch to 8K formats directly.
In the same way that the "marketing 4K" usually refers to UHD 1 with a resolution of 3840x2160, it seems likely at this point that any new major broadcast 8K standards might actually refer to UHD 7680x4320 in the future.

When we talk about 8K at AV Stumpfl, we like using the term RAW 8K, which is not just a marketing term, but our uncompromising definition of what is already possible today.

RAW 8K defines uncompressed video content with a resolution of 8192 x 4320 pixels and a frame rate of at least 60fps, 4:4:4. RAW 8K servers can provide award winning, tested and reliable signal processing solutions capable of handling uncompressed 8K, aka RAW 8K and content with color depth beyond 10-bit.

Our high performance servers are also capable of playing up to 4 times 4K uncompressed video content at 60fps simultaneously.

The video content can be processed in the form of native picture sequences like TGA or TIFF without any need for converting it into any intermediate codec formats.

RAW 8K can process uncompressed 8K PNG sequences straight away.


By reducing the number of colors used in videos, the amount of data and processing time is massively reduced. 

However, this way of doing things comes at a price, since the picture quality also suffers and the overall viewing experience is drastically impaired. 

RAW 8K servers by contrast are capable of processing and delivering uncompressed 8K video content with full 4:4:4 color sampling.


No other standard media server system can currently match the performance power of our RAW 8K servers when it comes to uncompressed 4K and 8K playback from a single machine.

Leading LED manufacturers and customers in the automotive indutry regularly use our media servers for their high profile trade fair presentations around the world.


In early 2020, we introduced the groundbreaking new PIXERA two RT media server for real-time graphics applications, offering ultra fast NVMe read speed of up to 10GB/s. This powerful next generation media server is capable of playing out of up to six simultaneous uncompressed 4k60 8-bit content streams or four uncompressed 4k60 10-bit content streams.

Find out more about our multi-award winning PIXERA media server system HERE.


You can contact our PIXERA media server sales team HERE and find out more about the amazing possibilities of uncompressed 4K and uncompressed 8K playback.