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 Whatever your control or presentation requirements are: We are eager to work hard developing and manufacturing a perfect solution. We have the tools for your solution ranging from solid state media players, interactive control components, interface and logic modules to media servers, show controllers and digital projectors.


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Developing and manufacturing has always been our passion that drives us so why not offering our technical expertise to the public? Creating something unique is a challenge we like. In addition to a lot of standard out-of-the-box solutions we have a huge toolkit for creating special solutions. Our experienced product specialist team would be happy to assist if you have any projects coming up.

Avio Master

Advanced solid state show control

Are you looking for a single device which offers sophisticated show and media control functions together with multi channel audio, interactivity, user interface hosting and open source scripting included? Avio Master is our advanced solution for themed attractions, museums and corporate installations where cloud based management, straight forward systems design and 24/7 availability is needed.

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Wings IObox

Small but smart. Control and interface.

Have you ever struggled with the numerous protocol and communication issues of AV devices? We have developed Avio (Audio Visual Input Output) as a dedicated abstraction layer on an AV installation network which brings all devices on the same communication layer and to graphically connect entities of the network. Wings IOBoxes are used to connect third party devices to the Avio network. The modules communicate directly with each other following a decentralized fail passive system design and store their settings on an SD Card.

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Wings IObox Pro

Compact and solid media control. Reinvented.

Have you ever needed a single box solution with built in web based touch user interfaces to control AV devices such as projectors, displays and/or building automation functions? Our new Wings IObox Pro is the one stop solution for corporate and themed control installations featuring full solid state system design dedicated for 24/7 use.

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SC Master

Show Control. Multi timeline. Multi channel audio. Control.

The SC Master is a high-quality show controller with a powerful multi-channel MP3 player. For impressive shows, the SC Master is used as a central control unit which controls any show equipment that is part of the system, ranging from sound and light systems to projectors. The SC Master covers a whole range of possible applications from show initialization to controlling and finishing a show.

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SC Net

Your custom show control network.

The versatile SC Net modular system solves virtually any media control problem in a highly flexible and smart way: Various modules are connected to the central SC Master unit and extend the show control output/input capabilities. The devices are connected in a daisy chain talking our proprietary SC Net protocol to each other.

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Media Servers

Robust. Stable. Powerful. Live. Installed.

Our award winning Wings Engine media servers are used in a number of different applications ranging from live shows and events to interactive and themed attractions. These devices can do more than just playing back media: They are used for content production and show design, interactive live presentations and control of a variety of different devices and systems. Thanks to our unique Wings Vioso automatic camera based calibration system setting up multi projector arrangements has never been easier.

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Projectors and Displays

Premium quality third party products.

We have close relationships to the leading manufacturers for digital projectors and displays and our experienced team can give advice for choosing the right devices for your application.

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