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    PIXERA 1.6.44 Setup

    See changelog here.

    362 MB 31. Mai 2021
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    PIXERA SMPTE Interface

    This driver is required for Windows 7 only. For Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, the driver is included in the OS and is installed automatically.

    368 KB 28. Mai 2019
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    Live Input Update Pack V4 - 288 MB 04. Oktober 2019
  • ArtNet Patch 549 KB 10. Dezember 2020
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    PIXERA Hub 1.2.2 RC3

    The Hub is a simple and powerful collection of utilities for PIXERA users, so that they can improve and streamline their workflows for greater productivity.

    With the PIXERA Hub users can manage some of their key system settings in a convenient and efficient way.

    10 MB 02. Dezember 2020





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    AVIO 2 Setup

    This new installer can be used to install AVIO & TOUCH without Wings RX.

    Attention! This installer will completely remove an existing Wings/Wings RX installation from your system! If you would like to use Avio and Touch together with Wings/WingsRX please use the regular WingsAV-Suite installer.

    788 MB 07. September 2020

Demo Download


STEP 1:  Laden Sie die PIXERA Demoversion herunter.
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STEP 4:  Sie erhalten ihren Lizenzcode, sobald wir den Zugang freigeschaltet haben. (Bitte kontrollieren Sie auch Ihren Spam Ordner!)
STEP 5:  Gehen Sie zu PIXERA und geben Sie den Lizenzcode ein.
STEP 6:  Entdecken Sie jetzt die Welt der PIXERA-Software.

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