PIXERA users will notice a new tab in the main PIXERA interface. This "control" tab is your gateway to a user friendly and versatile show control platform that allows you to interact more directly with the incredibly powerful PIXERA API.

One could also call it a distributed integration and show control framework that empowers users to seamlessly host new functionalities within PIXERA and to control all aspects of an extended project environment.

Anything you create and integrate can be distributed across your connected systems and shares itself. 

Your show control setups can also be freely configured and allow you to create connections between multiple media technologies

External device integration, various control interfaces and advanced multimedia logic are all combined into one powerful and collaborative software platform that provides endless new possibilities for show control scenarios.

PIXERA control could "wake up" your installation, monitor its status and health, inform you when something is not in order and can act as a single point of entry in case of trouble shooting or system maintenance.

The combination of PIXERA and PIXERA control offers you the best of interactivity, user interaction and even content management tools for your event and installation.

You can also extend the large control library and create your own modules and devices by using the user-friendly programming language LUA. Why not create custom user interface elements using CSS, HTML and Javascript? You can also integrate your custom DLLs for low level integration. Communicate via Websockets and other advanced APIs whenever necessary.


Need some help with PIXERA control?

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Please note: PIXERA control has been developed as a framework that gives maximum freedom to its users and allows them to create modules themselves. Because of this, it can very well be that you see video clips etc. featuring modules and/or protocols that are not created by AV Stumpfl and are not initially available to you when purchasing the product.

We reserve the right to make modifications in the interest of technical progress without further notice.