Operating System

Stable. Dedicated. Powerful. Made to meet the requirements.


Our media servers are shipped with an embedded operating system based on Windows 10 IoT. The operating system has been optimized in terms of performance and stability, but is still based on the standard Windows handling. Compact tools also give you quick access to the most important settings.

Media Server Shell

Sleek. Redundant. Stable.

When powering up our Media Servers the system loads our proprietary media server shell instead of the standard Windows Desktop. Our preinstalled software can be manually launched but also auto run if the server is used in a permanent installation. Among the features of the media server shell are:

  • Software launching and configuration
  • System configuration and management
  • Access to content directories and drives
  • Support interfaces to directly get in touch with the AV Stumpfl Support Team
  • Camera configuration and network settings


EDID Output Signal Manager

Hassle free signal management.

Everybody dealing with video technology nowadays is familiar with the challenges of signal communication between the system outputs and display devices. The AV Stumpfl EDID Manager allows to create and load standard and custom EDIDs to define the output signals for the server. The output signal (resolution, color depth and refresh rate) will remain the same until a new EDID is loaded which ensures a stable and easy operation.

Backup & Restore Manager

Custom settings for custom events.

Creating and reloading system snapshots e.g. to bring the system to your custom default settings again before going into a new production or when the server is returned back from a rental customer has never been easier: The AV Stumpfl Backup & Restore Manager can be selected in the boot menu of our media servers and features an easy to use graphical user interface for creating and managing backup snapshots of the system.


The media server shell also features a dedicated projector alignment mode. This way all display outputs of the media server will show alignment pattern which allow the rough mechanical adjustment of the projectors and the verification of the output signals. Once the mechanical adjustment is completed softedge blending and warping of the projectors is automatically achieved using Vioso RX

Automatic calibration with Vioso RX