Outputs & Live Inputs

Outputs & Live Inputs


Video Outputs

PIXERA servers provide two or four DP1.4 outputs. PIXERA two is additionally available with 8 outputs.

EDID Management

With integrated EDID management, you don't have to rely on hardware on-site to set up your media server. Disconnecting displays or projectors during runtime will not disrupt operations. 


Choose this option for truly frame accurate synchronisation over multiple servers. Use genlock to connect PIXERA one or two with your housesync or live camera.

UI Outputs

With the optional UI output you don’t need to use a valuable video output for your UI.

3G-SDI Outputs

PIXERA one and two servers offer up to 8 3G-SDI outputs. These outputs can be used/switched as inputs and can therefore be used flexibly.

Audio Outputs

To connect your server to almost any type of audio device, balanced analog, MADI, RayDAT, and AES, audio outputs are available as an additional option. PIXERA servers come with one stereo audio output as standard.

Live Inputs


With FLEX live inputs you can choose your type of input without changing your media server hardware. FLEX only requires a standard slot card, which is identical for the use of different kinds of formats. The conversion is done by an external box type device, which can be changed on the fly. FLEX modules are available for 3G-SDI (4 channels), DisplayPort1.2 and HDMI2.0. Up to 8 modules can be connected.


Choose between 2 channels HDMI1.4 or 2 channels HDMI2.0. Alternatively, you can use FLEX together with the HDMI2.0 module.


Use FLEX technology if it is necessary to grab DisplayPort inputs. 


3G-SDI input options are available with 1, 2 or 4 channels. Combined 3G-SDI inputs and output channels are available with 4 or 8 channels. Within the PIXERA software you can select whether to use a channel as an input or output.