Vioso RX’s new core: The render engine


The render engine inside Vioso RX is completely rewritten from scratch and is the result of an intensive five years of product design, development and testing. It is based on x64 architecture and includes several base level algorithms, replacing standard operating system and driver functions. Thanks to the new render engine it is now possible to program the timelines and live players independent of the current media playout.

The new render engine also brings a lot of new features into Vioso RX:

Realtime frame blending

If the content source has been produced in a lower frame rate than the display or projector supports, our RenderEnginetm can produce intermediate frames in realtime to achieve a smoother video playback.

Uncompressed media playback

Video compression is one of the major challenges in media applications these days. Everyone knows compression artifacts such as color fringes or pixelated pictures. Vioso RX’s render engine is built and optimized for playing uncompressed video contents which avoids all the negative effects of video compression. Supported formats are TIFF, DPX, TGA and PNG without any intermediate file conversion needed.

High performance codecs

Vioso RX supports a wide range of different video compression codecs such as H264, H265, HAP, ProRes, Quicktime Animation, MPEG2, WMV, MJPEG and many more with highest bit rates featuring a multicore or GPU decoding.

Maximum color depth

Vioso RX has been developed to process media files with a higher color depth than 8bit per channel such as 10bit contents to be ready once display devices support these new technologies.

Realtime color space transformation

Vioso RX interprets the source color profiles of images and videos and automatically transforms them into any destination color space in realtime. This way content handling is simplified since it is not neccessary to make any time consuming conversions to match color profiles in advance. In any case Vioso RX utilizes the full color space of the display or projector without global restrictions (e.g. to sRGB).