Content editing and production beyond 4K and 8K quality. Fast and easy to use.

You know how challenging it is to create high resolution, high frame rate content which can be played without compression artifacts? Vioso RX offers all required tools for arranging media like video, images, text, audio and show control into stunning shows.

Any Type of Media

Picture. Video. Audio. Text. Live Video. Show Control.

Vioso RX lets you arrange and edit any type of media in its timelines or its live players. Take any image, video, audio, text, live video or show control elements and arrange them easily on an unlimited number of layers into a unique show of stunning quality.

Any Resolution

Vioso RX is capable of handling virtually any content resolution. The multithreaded software architecture allows easy distribution of processing tasks onto multiple CPU cores. If more output resolution and processing power is needed, multiple media servers can be networked to form powerful clusters.


Any Frame Rate

Vioso RX is a tool for large format projection. Have you ever seen jerky large format displays or projections? You probably have and it doesn’t really look nice which is why Vioso RX is designed to handle high frame rate content playback smoothly.

Compressed or uncompressed

Video compression causes a lot of issues in nowadays media systems: We all know artifacts, blur and other quality issues deriving from compressing video data. We have addressed these issues and come up with solutions such as visually lossless proprietary compression algorithms and playback of uncompressed image sequences.


Timeline Compositing

Picture. Video. Text. Audio. Live Video. Show Control.

Edit any media using the same workflow you are familiar with from standard video editing software. Change length, start and end position, create keyframes, fades and cuts. All this is done pretty simple and in real time completely non-destructive.

In-Screen Editing

Intuitive WYSIWYG Editing.

Chose the position of images and videos completely free within the in the preview screen. In next to no time it is possible to create picture-in-picture displays and animations or to adjust croppings.

Sophisticated Audio Editing

Your own Sound Studio.

24 audio channels, mixed via crossbar switch from any number of audio layers turn your show into a unique experience. Finalize your production by using realtime VST audio plugins or control visual show effects using audio signals.

Realtime Video Effects

Your Video Studio.

In addition to controlling color, contrast and brightness it is also possible to apply artistic effects such as blur, distortion, chroma key, color mapping and many more shader animations, which can turn your media into unique compositions.

Offline Preview

Everything under Control.

You can start producing shows on your own computer without needing the whole display equipment. The preview constantly shows all display outputs and multidisplay screens. Therefore even huge shows can be produced anytime without connecting the presentation servers.

...and the key feature above all is:

Content production is free of charge!

Vioso RX Demo can be installed and used for content production everywhere free of charge: At the content production agency or on the design consultants and programmers computers. What restrictions apply on the Demo version? Shows can’t be presented on the video outputs of the media server but just on the preview screen.

Download Vioso RX Demo free of charge