Multi Display

Combine any number of projectors and/or displays.

If larger display dimensions or higher resolutions are necessary Vioso RX allows combining as many projectors and/or displays as required. Multiple outputs of the server hardware can be used and multiple servers can be connected to create powerful media clusters.

Unlimited Screens and Displays

Arrange any number of displays and/or projectors of various resolutions, technologies, sizes, pixel densities and aspect ratios. Softedge blending for projectors or bezel exclusion for displays included with any layout.


Scalable Cluster

Vioso RX uses a presentation network which can handle any number of media servers. If more outputs and/or more processing capacity is required, just add more servers to your presentation cluster. Of course content editing for all servers is done centrally on the master media server. The outputs of the master server can be also used. The master could also be a laptop computer. The distribution of the media files to the presentation servers is done automatically in background - it is ensured that the correct data is made available to each media server. A built-in network status monitor informs about the transfer status.

Perfect Synchronization

During presentation the integrated SmartSync™-Engine ensures a frame-accurate playback between all outputs of all servers in the network cluster. Especially for broadcast environments our STAGE media server series also offer inputs for house clock and timecode.


Backup Master

In multi display clusters it is also possible to define backup master servers to which the output servers are automatically connecting if the primary master is not responding.