Avio Manager

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Have you ever struggled with the numerous protocol and communication issues of AV devices? We have developed Avio (Audio Visual Input Output) as a dedicated abstraction layer on an AV installation network which brings all devices on the same communication layer and to graphically connect entities of the network. Avio Manager is used to configure the network control connections using a graphical Drag & Drop workflow.

What is Avio Manager?

The graphical front end of the Avio Network.

Avio Manager is the graphical connection editor for the Avio network used for system setup, visualization and maintenance. If you do not know about our Avio philosophy yet, please click on the link below to find out more.

Learn more about Avio

Just Connect - Don't program

Virtually wired together! Without programming!

The idea of our Avio system is that every device shows up on the network offering its inputs and outputs. A simple drag & drop operation is all it takes to create a connection between the faders of a console with the video layers of a media server.


Graphical network topology overview of all connections and controls.

Using our new Avio 2D Manager the whole control network can be visualized. All control connections between devices and device functions are visible at a glance. Adding new connections or modifying existing ones is fairly simple just be dragging the connection lines.


Connect Devices

MIDI. Art-Net. KNX. Media Servers. Projectors. Switchers. Kinect. And More!

Virtually all devices can be integrated into the Avio network: MIDI, Art-Net, Media Servers, Projectors, Switchers, Scalers, Audio Systems, Lighting Desks and Consoles and many more. Also special devices such as the Microsoft Kinect interface or KNX building bus systems can be part of Avio. All inputs and outputs of those devices automatically show up in the Avio topology allowing for really cool features: Have you ever connected the light switch on the wall to the video alpha channel of a media server? Or have you ever had an interactive installation reacting on user gestures?

Connect logic blocks

Automatic. Safe. Verified.

All logic elements of the Avio network can be intuitively connected using the graphic drag & drop editor.

Connect Scripts

Extensible. Flexible. In any direction.

As you might know Avio features its own Lua scripting engine. Of course all script inputs and outputs are again available within the Avio network.

Scaled Connections

Since some connections between outputs and inputs are not 1:1 it is possible to adjust every connection with a factor which automatically scales the connection.

Smart Connections

In some cases it is even neccessary to adjust the connection between outputs and inputs with sophisticated mathematical calculations. It is simple and straight forward to do so when adding a new connection.

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